How to donate to the Mathieson Music school

Help Fund the Mathieson Music School

Change lives

The Mathieson Music School (MMS) is reliant on the kind donations of people all over the world. We use these donations only to improve the lives our students. Without these donations the MMS would be unable to continue. As such we and all the children at the MMS ask you to kindly donate and leave a lasting impact.

We've listed below all the ways you can donate to the MMS. We are thankful for any and all donations we receive, no matter how big or small.

Donate with Amazon Smile

Give a little with a every purchase

Sign up with Amazon smile, shop like normal, but give a little with every purchase. When you sign up with Amazon smile you designate a charity. Whenever you purchase something on Amazon you automatically donate a small bit to the MMS as well.

Donate with Just Giving

Give a one off donation

Click Just Giving Logo left to donate to the MMS via just giving. Just Giving allows you to donate as much or as little as you want as one off sum, you can even leave a message as well.

Sponsor a Child

Change a Childs life

With the sponsor a child program, you pay for a childs education by giving £50 a month (£600 a year). Although this is just £1.64 a day, it pays for a single childs entire education. For more information please email the treasurere by clicking the image left.